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Commercial Interiors

Based on your style, budget and the type of space, we will provide recommendations for furniture, interior colors and finishes, lighting, flooring, wall coverings, fabrics, artwork and overall design. We will prepare a Color Presentation Board that includes samples of the design elements incorporated in your project. Having all of the design elements in front of you at one time will help you to visualize the space and insure a beautiful and functional environment.

The following is a breakdown of all the aspects we cover on commercial interiors:

Space planning

Coordinate & recommend materials & finishes

Coordinate & recommend furniture and fixtures

Computerized 3-D Design

You, as well as your employees, staff, members, etc. will benefit from seeing and walking through the space before it's built. To learn more about 3-D Design, click on the "Computerized 3-D Design" button on the home page.

Design Philosophy

The Design Classics motto is " Timeless designs for home and office ." Our objective is to create a dramatic space within budget that has lasting character and won't be considered "dated" in several years. To accomplish this, we follow a philosophy that divides the overall design into three basic layers: the anchor, the intermediate, and the accent.

The anchor layer is the foundation and contains the most expensive items such as carpet, fixtures, panel fabric, laminate surfaces, cabinets, filing cabinets, and high-ticket furniture pieces such as desks, credenzas, etc. They should be in neutral tones—no large prints or bold colors. These items anchor the space and will not be changed until they wear-out.

The intermediate layer contains items that are meant to complement and contrast, such as window coverings, wall paper, area rugs, task chairs, side chairs, lobby furniture, etc. We will choose coordinating colors and materials with medium to small prints. Some items we will want to blend-in, others we will want to provide contrast. These items can be changed out in several years without breaking the bank.

The final layer of the pyramid provides "POP!" These accent items typically have bold colors and larger patterns. Such items include tack boards, artwork, real or silk plants and throw pillows. When you are tired of them, they can be replaced. These are inexpensive ways to transform the look of a space.

To tie all of your spaces together, we use complementary wall and trim colors. These colors as well as all the fabrics, materials and furniture choices will be presented on Color Coordination Boards. This will allow you to see how each area fits within the overall design concept and how all the colors blend and complement one another. We then work along-side the architect to develop the final design guidelines for the general contractor and provide the necessary drawings, details and product specifications.

Space Planning Philosophy

When laying out an office and/or workstation, there are several key concerns:

  1. Efficiency - All necessary items are within arms reach.
  2. Organization - Maximize the work surface and storage areas & minimize clutter.
  3. Flexibility - Being able to adapt and reconfigure the space as needs change.
  4. Budget - Recommending quality furniture and storage options within budget.

When all of these concerns are adequately addressed, you have an effective space that truly "works."

Selected Clients

Dr. Piero Garzaro
Space plan, paint colors and furniture for health clinic

Harvest Christian Center
Pastor Ron Eivaz, Turlock
Selection of all colors and furniture for sanctuary remodel

Hughes Commercial Real Estate
Gerry Hughes, Salida
Office space planning, custom home design, production home design, multi-family home design

Pimentel Insurance Services
Lisa Pimentel, Turlock
Space planning, furniture, flooring, interior colors

The Salvation Army, Turlock Corps Community Center
Major Debi Shrum, Turlock
Selection of colors, flooring, furniture

Valley Distributors, Inc.
Todd Andersen, Turlock
Design sales counter and builder services counter